Challenge #02308-F118: Alternative Uses

Aliens discover energy drinks. The substances are highly corrosive and toxic. They first use it for maintenance of equipment.

Then they learn from the ships' human, that it is supposed to be DRUNK.

Fun for the human. Terror for the Crew.

Update for the Human-Manual. -- Anon Guest

Some products made by Humans for Humans simply perplex the other species within the Alliance. There have been a multitude of alternate uses for the things Humans made. Most of all, for their products with extensive shelf lives. They reached into places that Humans had yet to wriggle into.

The furthest-travelling product has to be an unlikely mixture of carbonated water, sweetner, and assorted stimulants including - but not limited to - caffeine, taurine, and gaurana. None could read the Human writing on the suspiciously small cans, but that never stopped anyone from attempting to divine its purpose chemically.

On many worlds, they used it as a battery acid. On many others, an industrial grease stripper. Some, with heavy fortification against the acid, used the sugars in some containers as a protective coating after the acid stripped away anything else. Nobody said that the uses had to be intelligent.

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