Challenge #02303-F113: From Twilight to Darkness

Someone from an Eyeball Planet experiencing a rotational planet. Or Vice versa...

Eyeball Planet; -- AmberFox

It had taken a long time for the Stremath to reach the stars. They thought that the winds blew all through the Universe, before repeated proof showed that the winds would only ever blow them so high. On the plus side, they had what one might call a 'boost' into reaching the upper atmosphere before rocketry had to be employed to get them further into the reaches of space.

It was only there, after they had found other worlds more suited for themselves, that they found that the Universe had other surprises. Alien life would not always evolve in twilands like they had. These creatures had never needed special pads on their hands and feet just to adhere to the landscape. They had never learned to farm moss nor invented mist baffles. They had never burrowed into the earth beneath them nor found the windless shelters far more prosperous no matter their internal heat or cold.

They had tiny eyes and an upright stance and did not reflexively grip the ground as they raised themselves upwards... ever upwards. They had limbs that just... dangled loose. If they set foot on a Stremath world, they would be literally blown away and then torn to ribbons. They were, entirely, too alien.

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