Challenge #02212-F022: Companion Ship

A human finally finds a crew member who understands their sarcasm. -- Anon Guest

You have to be careful when you're a human around non-humans. Not all of them understand intonation, and just use your words. Sarcasm may be lost on the slow of mind, but it's also lost on those with different tonal coding to you. Worse - sometimes it's both.

Helpful hint to other humans like me who keep using sarcasm out of habit. Always point out why the sarcastic suggestion is the worst idea in the world. That way you have a passing chance that they'll realise you were mocking them. Also - resist the idea that they're messing with you. Galactic Society has taught assorted cogniscents that pranks are counter-productive. We're still learning about that if I want to be honest.

I thought my life was doomed to all of this until I met Hykko. They're a Ceratopsid Saurian type and a complete nerd about Humans and they've actually made the effort to learn about things like intonation inflections, ablaut reduplication, and all the weird-ass things that Humans do without thinking about it, especially once we have a handle on the lingo. I might be a little bit in love because I've been returning the favour by learning about their peoples as much as I can. They get me. I want to get them.

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