Challenge #02208-F018: Relative Superman

A Havenworlder was adopted and raised by Humans from a young age. -- Anon Guest

A ruined city. A lone survivor. Those who had come to help take the orphan in with the best of intentions... So many stories of heroes begin that way. One famous one has the orphan saving their adopted world for all of their life. Red capes optional.

Such was not the case for Sylkin. She was a Thof, and the only survivor of a Vorax raid on a now-ruined planet. She had no family but the Humans who had taken her in. Humans knew how comparatively fragile the Thof were. Thusly, Sylkin's new parents were hyper-protective. Starting with finding an environment where such a family would be both safe and welcome.

Thus it was on Farreach Station, one of the stranger families in the Edge Territories found its place. Sylkin had a team of six parents, one watching over her at any given hour. All of them Deathworlders. All of them too aware of the mishaps that could occur to such a fragile being. Thof were, after all, Class Three Havenworlders. More delicate than most who made it into the Galactic Scene without assistance.

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