Challenge #02168-E339: True Reform

The prisoners were prepared for torture, not a hug and kind words. -- Anon Guest

They shuffled into the institution in chains. Ugly jumpsuits standing out against the grey of the bus and the grey of the tarmac The featureless quad stretched before them as heavily-armed guards marched them in twos towards the opposing doors in the large,imposing facade before them. It, too, was grey, and had no windows.

Other guards, dressed in blue and grey, came out of those doors and exchanged places with the riot guards who had taken them into the quad. It all looked very impressive and oppressive. Dank and dreary, even in full daylight. Rip was watching as the armed guard retreated to the outside world. The entire complex was wedged between a set of grey, grim cliffs. Blocked off from anything out there.

They marched inside, where prisoners were decoupled from the chains in twos, and sent off into a labyrinth with an escort in blues and greys. They didn't look like they expected much trouble and, even if Rip could overpower one, there was nowhere to run to and gun turrets watching over the entire courtyard. Therefore, when it was his turn, he went quietly. A friendly, automated voice said, "Welcome to the Greystone Reformation Academy. We hope that your time here is educational."

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