Challenge #02130-E301: Let the Punishment Fit

"You do realise that the more you complain, call me rude names, and try to bully me into backing down, the more I'm going to look at this and ticket you for the faults, right?"

"And? I can pay as many tickets as you like, and before you make it back to your office!" -- Anon Guest

Officer Pam stared at the young man in the driver's seat. He was rich, you could tell by the car alone, but he had decided to rub it in by wearing designer clothes, designer shades, he even had designer hair. Pam could write him up for every violation of the traffic law, and it would make no impact on him, his day, nor his bank account. It would be a minor inconvenience.

He was rich enough that the laws of the land didn't matter. Arrogant enough that he didn't care who knew it. There was only one thing that mattered to a man like that.

She took his phone and his licence, went back to her car, and cleared her plan with Central. They said, "Get it on tape," and gave her their blessing. She got the book out of the car and, his licence and phone in hand, opened the book to the first page. "Road rules, laws, and ordinances of the Greater County: a guide for every citizen," she began.

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