Challenge #02093-E269: Start of a Beautiful Friendship

"Wait were you flirting with me? Shit! I should have said something way cooler." -- OohLookShiny

She couldn't help but smile. Sanderson wasn't aloof and cold. He was just dim. Socially speaking, he was thicker than a sack of bricks. Which sort of made up for him being just about everything else. It was hard not to like the guy. Friendly, outgoing, talented, politely outspoken, and smart. He had won a scholarship with his muscles, but he was using his brains once he got it.

Well. Most of his brains. Grace dredged some words out of her brain rather than just laugh at him. "Yeah, I was flirting. Thanks for noticing." She couldn't help teasing him a little. "Guess this is why you're headed for valedictorian. Mind on the game."

He laughed. "More like I can't let a good chance go, you know? A good education's the only way to get out of the ghetto." Sanderson shrugged. "Sports careers don't last. I need something good that I can fall back on."

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