Challenge #02073-E249: Audio Only

It went plonk, it went kablooey, it went shhhh, and it went blink.

But most importantly, it went whushhhak. -- Anon Guest

Sound was all that was left. The darkness was absolute, and Phel's ability to feel was impaired by the chemicals that the enemy had forced into hir system. Ze learned quickly how the Zebnaki pirates sounded when they moved, and also learned to avoid them. They had patterns of movement, too, and it helped.

Phel made it all the way to the escape pods, but the instructions were on a screen, and the crew were too close to activate the audio. There wasn't much that ze could puzzle out by hir limited sense of feel alone. Therefore, ze found a place nearby to conceal hirself, and hoped. Her Human friend, Phil, had taught hir all of this. Alternative coping strategies, she called it. Find a way or make a way.

Phil was very good at making a way. She could bull her way through most obstacles and think her way around everything else. And, when everything else failed, she could make her way via sheer, unadulterated persistence and determination. Humans used to hunt by chasing things to death. Phil was, comparatively, rather abrupt.

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