Challenge #01819-D358: Just Like That

“Ok, there’s a bear, and I have a stick. As such, there is only one course of action.”

Moment of silence

“[Name], no.”

“[Name], yes.” -- TheDragonsBlaze

"I can see a few things wrong with your general plan, Human Finn," said Storkaz, holding their Human at bay. "First, that is not a bear."

"Well, if it walks like a bear, grunts like a bear, and has fur like a bear..." shrugged Human Finn. "Might as well be a bear[1]."

"We're not arguing about its taxonomy, Human Finn. We're arguing the sense of your plan of action. It is not a bear. A stick is not the most reliable weapon. You are about to perform an action that even your own species advises against doing. So. Human Finn, no." Unfortunately, Storkaz could tell by the gleam in their Human's eye that they were already too late.

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