Challenge #01728-D267: 'Tis But a Scratch

"So, you're telling me that even if a human tried to kill himself by stabbing his head, he could be perfectly fine if the blade goes between the hemispheres of the brain without damaging anything ?"

"Yup, and I didn't talk about Phineas Gage, who got a large iron rod through the head and survived without some part of his brain, or the war veteran who survived a bullet through the heart. Even if we don't have exoskeleton, we are pretty resilient. This is why if something threatens you, shoot at least 2 times." -- Anon Guest

Human Jaylen was dead. Va'shath had seen hir die. Nobody could survive so many of the Jo'qith's arrows[1]. They were tipped with deadly theobromine extracts, and many of them had gone right through Human Jaylen. But the human had given Va'shath the time to get to the emergency escape pods, and that was a gift that could not, would not be wasted.

Va'shath was alone in the pod. The last to leave. The last survivor of the Magnificent. She remembered the words of the ships' Human. You always watch your loved ones leave until they are out of sight. Especially when it's the last time. So she watched, keening the songs of sadness, as the emergency vessel took her away from Human Jaylen until the port window was nothing but a bright speck in amongst cascading explosions. Watched until the Magnificent itself was just a speck in the darkness. Until she could no longer see any trace of it or her Human friend.

The human had to have died. Which was why it was quite a shock when the Magnificent came limping into dock. Human Jaylen at the helm.

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