Challenge #01647-D186: Bad Eggs in One Basket

[On the idea of putting two Deathworlders in the one cage you have that you think can hold them]

Yeah, I mean, it's like storing all your plutonium cores in the same spot. Can't hurt right? They'll all be contained in a reinforced area anyways... -- RecklessPrudence

It was the perfect prison. Re-enforced cerametal[1] with smooth, vertical sides. The only way in or out was through a hole in the ceiling. Which was well out of the human's reach.

The human, once thrown in, was not impressed. "Five thousand years of your civilisation and y'all just re-invented the oubliette. I'm so impressed." The inflection, of course, meant the opposite. More of the human sarcasm that the Ch'vithi had so much trouble with.

Their first captive remained docile in the prototype Deathworlder Containment Cell. Therefore the Ch'vithi deemed it enough of a success to contain two humans. And at the beginning, it seemed to be so. The humans interacted well with each other, talking and playing in the soft surface of their cell floor. Making patterns with each other's co-operation. And bonding activities that seemed like typical Deathworlder stuff. Sparring or making each other perform ritualistic motions.

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