Challenge #01614-D153: What Were We Talking About?

:tail-end of a discussion:

...and mid- to late- 20th century geopolitics still has absolutely nothing to do with Slenderman. How the hell did we get here anyways? -- RecklessPrudence

Info-nets are not always informative. Many take the forum as a means to communicate about whatever they wish to share at the time. Especially the humans. Fortunately, humans also invented the concept of a Moderator, whose job it was to re-train wandering threads, extinguish the flame wars, and hose out the spam.

Interestingly, it's non-humans who make the best Moderators. Humans are more likely to "see where this is going" and let a thread wander into strange new territories. Such impulses are allowed to run wild in the entertainment sub-section, where human verbal antics are observed by intelligences that just can't fathom human comedy.

Humans, however, just call it a typical info-net comms realm. Thousands of voices, talking at once, about whatever subject and side-interest lights up their souls. Some make up fiction. Some make up art. All make up... the collective of human insanity.

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