Challenge #01474-D013: Stranded on a Hostile Planet

2157 A.D.

Captain’s Log: Alpha-Foxtrot-Lima - 1129.

It’s been 63 days and they have yet to realise that I am not one of them. -- Here-is-the-Story

This only shows that my disguise is effective, and my camouflage as well. These Deathworlders have no idea that I am not one of their species. This is well and good. As a pre-spaceflight civilisation, I have seen what they do to each other for the most trivial reasons. They are not ready to accept me as I am.

I have noted a significant amount of paranoia concerning 'lizard people' in the natives' conspiracy-centric media. Therefore, as part of my disguise, I am masquerading as just another working stiff in a cubicle hell. I do just enough work to avoid anyone's notice.

Progress is advancing with my molecular reassembler. I can now purchase native foodstuffs and then process them into consumables for myself. Sadly, the aesthetic aspect of my repair work is slow and awkward. At best, I can make the consumable resemble the native yoghurt with fruit, which I carry to work with me for luncheon, along with a bottle of purified water.

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