Challenge #01356-C261: You Need More Tests

Diagnostician in a world similar to our own, but with one major difference. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: I'm pretty sure I did one of this prompt for Undertale once upon a time... Gotta shake things up this time.]

Headline news had once been Magic Is Real!. But that was a long time ago. Cryptids, monsters, and assorted paradimensional beings came out of the woodwork. And humanity did what it did best - it bred with them. Which lead to some... interesting medical revelations.

Thanks to incubi, there was a vast amount of acceptance towards trans and genderfluid people. Some of whom could change their bodies at will.

Thanks to shapeshifters, the body police ran out of justifications for their atrocious behaviour.

And thanks to the multitude of mythical cogniscents, the face of medicine changed forever.

Dr Blaize Castille aligned all her patient's symptoms and made a low murmur. "Daytime isn't friendly to you... New food allergies... Do you remember being bitten by some beast within the last month or so?"

"No, but there was that one time at a night club that I couldn't remember," said the patient. "I had a blood test straight after and I got every orifice poked. Trust me."

Dr Castille brought up the patient's file. "Aha. There it is. Right inside the window. I'm afraid you're in for more blood tests. We could be looking at lycanthropy or vampirism at the moment. Stay out of direct sunlight and report to this centre on the eve of the full moon. Just in case."

"Were-Animal's Rehabilitation Centre?" The look on her face said it all. I'm not a ravening beast, am I?

"Chances that you're transformed are slim, this is just a precautionary measure. And if it is lycanthropy, trained professionals will be ready to assist you with coming to terms with your lupine nature."

"...but i hate dogs," she murmured.

"Wolves are very different," soothed Dr Castille. "The staff at the centre will show you how. They love wolves. And... let's face it... there's more than one kind of were-creature. It's all in the umbrella term of Lycanthropy."

It was not always an easy process diagnosing problems, any more. But at least all assumptions were thrown out of the window.

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