Challenge #01303-C208: Legendary Loser

The strongest man in the world attempts to find and swat a mosquito -- Gallifreya

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Of the mighty deeds of Heracles, there is but one that is not re-told by the bards or poets.

Heracles, mighty son of Zeus, stronger than ten strong mortal men... lost just one battle. Mighty were his biceps, thick were his thews, but they were no match for only one enemy.

Heracles had been napping under an olive tree, following a hard day's heroism. It was an otherwise pleasant afternoon, just beginning to turn into night. The weather was warm, the breeze balmy...

...and a tiny whine made itself known to the mighty Heracles.

Now, Heracles may be stronger than ten strong mortal men, but believe me, his skin was just as vulnerable to the tiny singer in the night. Little lady bloodsucker thought that demigod blood would make a fine meal for herself. And she came to sing her sweet song in his ear.

Heracles' first, mighty blow made thunder as he struck himself aside his face. But lady bloodsucker was fast, and avoided the blow. Or she was loud, and sounded nearer than she was. She was singing to him again in but a few moments.

Heracles' eyes were sharper than ten mortal men, as well. Yet in the gloom of twilight, the tiny bloodsucker was invisible to all but the Gods, and they were not helping him.

O, how Hera must have enjoyed his plight. Of all the beasts set to plague him, the mighty Heracles could not lay a single, earth-shattering blow upon the humble mosquito.

When his friends found him, the next day, he had laid waste to the entire hill. Not a blade of grass had been untouched by fire. There was nothing left of the olive tree and he was holding a boulder above his head.

And of little lady bloodsucker? The singer in the night? O, she had had more than her fill.

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