Challenge #01283-C188: Steep Learning Curve

Names of recordings of training scenarios.

"Ode to places a cutting torch should never go"

"Three drones, one airlock and no sense"

And the cautionary tale about plasma torches, hypergolic fuel and explosive decompression simply entitled: "Don't" -- RecklessPrudence

Human training videos were baffling. They seemed designed to entertain, but also contained the full, gruesome consequences in order to horrify their audience into learning the lesson.

Newbies, it seemed, were suicidally incompetent. Sometimes, they were also homicidally so. And chief amongst their flaws was acting as if they were still planet-side. Or in some other environment where the doors did not need to be double-checked before proceeding.

They called their basic training ochre, even though the initials were OECR. They stood for; Observe, Evaluate, Consider, React. And, according to the assembled fids, humans had a very hard time doing those things in order.

Humans instinctively threw water on fire. Some even threw water on smoking things. Frequently, these instincts had disastrous results.

Humans acted as if air was infinite. Casually using tools that gobbled up air and acting surprised when the supply failed.

Humans acted as if water was infinite. Carelessly tossing good water into waste systems without considering the consequences for the purification biota.

Things considered minor sins in a planetary setting had immense consequences for a confined environment in space. And this had to be drilled into their heads.

Fortunately for most non-human cogniscents, the type of people who stole other people's food were prevented from travelling far from their place of origin. Natural selection usually weeded out those who were persistent in that bad habit. And for those who continued their disregard for others' property... well... a year or two in agrarian therapy generally cured them of their inclination to scavenge.

But the most frightening thing about human training videos, above all things, was the population of humans who laughed at them.

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