Challenge #01261-C166: Saving Mothman

"The woman soaked several lengths of rope in a solution of red wine and sugar. She strung the wine ropes from the trees in her garden and then, around midnight, she came to check on her unusual trap. Sure enough, Mothman was swinging gleefully from the wine ropes, drunk and squealing with joy." -- Anon Guest

Amberlaize Jones now owns and takes care of a colony of fifty 'mothmen', a former cryptid now known as the large, long-legged bat. They were fructivorous, and native to the area surrounding West Point, Virginia.

People come to interview her, and see one for themselves. 'Mothmen' aren't very active in the day time, so she always has one of the infants to show to the curious cameras that swarm her nature reserve.

The colony only gets sugar-wine as a treat, now. And most come when she calls them.

Miss Jones tries to teach them, while they are filming and cooing,that the large, long-legged bat is harmless. Most only grow to a maximum full height of four feet, but there are rare Sports that can reach six feet or more.

Those ones do not last long in the wild. They need to roam further afield than their usual range. Most are shot or attacked by dogs, but once in a great while, they reach the city and cause a panic. Just like one famous Sport did back in 1966.

Amberlaize hopes that education will help preserve them, since they are an endangered species. Those who roam beyond the nature reserve are more likely to be welcomed with chopped fruit and peanut butter than a short, sharp shower of hot lead.

And besides, the babies are unbelievably cute.

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