Challenge #01253-C158: Happily Ever After

Princess marries Dragon and Knight -- Gallifreya

Another day, another quest. Trillwhistle and Amanda had both taken a liking to questing. They saw more of the world than they could have initially believed and the rewards were interesting. And educational.

Amanda stopped calling herself Princess Amanda and, thanks to an unkowing knighthood from a distant king, started going by Sir Dragonbourne. It helped that her armour covered her face and disguised her physique.

And it was safer to let everyone assume that both Trillwhistle and Sir Dragonbourne were male. People got funny when either of them referred to each other as 'she' or 'her'. And some got so hilarious about it that they sent mighty armies after them.

And then came Princess Zigwe.

She had been abducted by some slighted sorceror and taken to a tall tower. The usual rigmarole. Unfortunately for Trillwhistle, her wing was injured in the finishing fight. So their journey back to the king's palace was incredibly slower than their departing journey.

Zigwe knew who they both were before the end of the second day. She was another bright woman trapped in the rigid role her society had left her. She had dreams and plans and more than a passing knowledge of magic, herself.

They fell in love in less than a week.

The Princess Zigwe convinced her father that marriage to Sir Dragonbourne was their due. And Amanda was able to add the stipulation that Trillwhistle be part of the ceremony and oath-taking as well.

King Machawa was happy to see his daughter married and off of his hands. He would never know that he had seen to it that three women married each other, that day.

But that trio did live, and live well, for all of their days together.

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