Challenge #01163-C068: With Cat-like Tread -- Gallifreya

The humans had one question when they were invited to display some of their culture for the Numidid in Kal'rike. It was: "How much pyrotechnics are we allowed to use?"

After some research into what pyrotechnics actually were, the answer was, "None, please."

Their letter of acknowledgement and compliance read as more than a little disappointed, but they were showing a willingness to please.

Deathworlders in the capital!

The arena where they were displaying their creative efforts was open to the air, with lots of egress, should the humans -well- be humans. T'tok's reports from Toxic Island had that humans were the most alarming of Deathworlders and simultaneously the most insane.

And with their madness... came astonishing innovations.

Toxic Island in general and Wiwazhiir in general was fast becoming a hub of scientific progress and technology. Far outstripping the allegedly superior Kal'rike way of doing things. Which, as scientists frequently complained, was mired down in red tape and progress report forms.

And it didn't help that half the youth were entertained with programming from Wiwazhiir, either.

So it was that Numidids of all flights were allowed to view human culture in all its forms. Everything had been cleared from samples.

On the third day, they were displaying a performace of something called The Pirates of Penzance. And all was going well until after the intermission. When the pirates were "sneaking" up on the mansion.

T'tok really should have learned what 'forté' meant.

Half the audience took off in a wild panic at the first clash of the piano. Another percentage took off at the first synchronised stomp of human feet. A majority of the remainder fainted dead away at the "YAH!" from all the pirates.

Only the youth, giggling their way through their life breathing, remained upright on their perches.

Some of them were singing along...

Humans. Truly, truly horrifying.

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