Challenge #01117-C020: Death of Monsters

Sans: The actual Grim Reaper -- Gallifreya

[AN: I've seen Reaper!Sans on Tumblr and I have yet to see a coherent attitude with it. Please forgive me for any and all mismatched headcannons]

"...and peek-a-boo," read Sans, "I found you."

"...wowie," mumbled Pap in his half-doze.

"G'night, Pap," Sans gently stroked his brother's skull, easing Papyrus into dreamland. He put the book away and crept into his room. Careful not to make a sound. He lit both his eyes and reached through the firmament for the robe and his scythe.

Time for his night job.

The boots were the hardest part of it, of course. Sans preferred to lounge around in slippers or unlaced sneakers all day. Because the tight, confining boots of his night job were a regular torture. And they were practically stilts, so that he passed the height minimum.

What was on the list tonight?

Ah yes. The evening arm wrestle with Gerson. Check. A stern note about his 'game' with Little Gnoll and fixing it so that the kid would live. Oh. And Mrs Plakely.

He could ignore the stern note. It wasn't as if there were many skeletons around to do the work. And Papyrus had already washed out of the pre-selection checklist. Hah. Pap would let everyone live, whether they wanted to or not.

And there was more than one way to show mercy.

Aching after his appointment with Gerson, Sans appeared for Mrs Plakely. Her every breath was a battle. Her eyes sunken and her body weary.

She looked him square in his glowing eye and said, "About time, you tardy bastard."

Sans grinned. She was a teacher to the last. "I'd have brought a note, but a dog ate it."

"Oh get on with it."

"Sure you don't want your glasses?" he asked. "That way you can control your pupils." Sans swung the scythe right on time.

He liked to make sure they went out laughing. Mrs Plakely's ailing body dissolved into dust and her soul lingered in the space between seconds.

Thank you, she 'said'. You've always done good work.

And then she was gone. Off to whatever afterlife that Monsters got. That was it for the official business, but he decided to stop on by Napstablook's for some nice, old-fashioned lying on the floor.

It was a better way to spend the night on duty... as opposed to a busy workload.

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