Challenge #01073-B341: One Lazy Afternoon in Shayde's Entertainment Lounge

Is laughing at someone doing something stupid and reaping the consequences a very human thing?

"They're fine, so it's funny"

Even the idiot that tried to go sledding on a bin lid is laughing (leg in plaster optional)

"Look how far I flew when I came off!" -- Gallifreya

"What the living heck is this?" demanded Rael.

On her screen, two 'knights' in cardboard armour sat in shopping trolleys and held broomsticks like lances. They faced off at opposite sides of a road that dipped in the middle.

"Earth's most convincin' arguments that humans are insane," she grinned. "Formerly known as America's Funniest Home Videos. Popcorn?"

On the screen, the trolleys wobbled down the hill and the cardboard knights attempted to tilt at each other. They met with a loud collision and a sickening crack. Rael winced. "One of them was injured."

"They're drunk, bored, and teenagers," she snorted a parody of a laugh, "There's a bunch'a similes for ye. Anywa'. They're learnin' important lessons. Or they were."

Rael picked up his share of the popcorn. Ah, empty calories. His favourite. "What possible lesson could they learn here? Don't do ill-thought-out activities?"

"Close. Idiot decisions have painful consequences." She watched one of the knights get tossed from a trolley and roll to a stop. And giggled. "They're no' learnin' it very fast, ye ken."

Only humans would laugh at the misfortunes of others. Possibly from the sheer relief that it wasn't them having the misfortune.

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