Challenge #01020-B288: Feel the Burn

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"The jingles, O my Powers, the jingles..." complained Wayne, apprentice of the Darkening Arts. "All night! It just kept singing them all night... I can't get them out of my head."

"But you got it in your head, right? You can remember all this shiz?" asked Davies.

"It's a terrible price. I thought a music demon would be harmless. I did all the cantrips. I took all the precautions. But it won't. Stop. Singing..."

"Okay," Davies, student advisor to the Darkening Arts, looked through an impressively thick tome. "Ah. There it is. You have to Jazzercise along to the music. Enthusiastically..."

Wayne moaned.

"And keep going until it sweats itself into oblivion."

"Seriously?" whimpered Wayne.

"Yeah. Nothing gets rid of a music demon like a good exercise-'em."

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