Challenge #01017-B285: User Interactivity Issue

"Pew pew pew."

"Uh... sir... are you making laser noises?"


"But... your laser is making actual noises..."

"Yes but they're not lasery enough!" -- RecklessPrudence

Grax boggled at the human. "I am not understanding."

"We're in the middle of a siege situation. Do you really need a lesson in human history now?"

"In-between volleys would be sufficient," allowed Grax. She let off a few shots at the enemies without the verbal accompaniment.

"Pew pew pew!" Andi retreated back to their shared cover. "We love telling each other stories," she began. "Dreaming about potential tomorrows and fantastic yesterdays. And some of those included lasers."

"Understanding so far," allowed Grax. She managed to cause a cascade of woes for the enemy.

"Those lasers all went 'pew pew'. Without fail. 'Pew' is the noise of lasers. It's in our cultural makeup that lasers go 'pew'."

Grax felt the light dawn. "Ah. So when these lasers make a pathetic 'zak' noise, you are greatly disappointed."

"On a cellular level," agreed Andi. "And it's not even a proper 'zak'. I could deal with that. It's a pathetic 'tik' crossed with a 'zzzk'. Static electricity makes better noises."

Grax shook her head after she got in a few lucky shots. "Would you like me to make the noises too?"

"Yes please."

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