Challenge #01010-B278: History Q&A

Anything they were willing to try using as fuel during the space race is volatile enough to qualify as an emergency explosive, including the stuff they actually used for launches. -- RecklessPrudence

"They didn't try less volatile launch methods? Like low-orbit flight and gas boosting?"

"Or maglev railgun shots?" suggested another member of Shayde's audience.

"They were thought of, awright. But they were too expensive and too slow. It was a race, ye ken. Braggin' rights tae th' first one on the moon. And gettin' 'em back of course. In one piece. Can't exactly build a maglev in a hurry wi' limited oxygen, ye ken."

"That's why we made robots to build it for us before we launched," said one of the lizards.

"And the subsequent denial of achievement is harder to accomplish when the rails cast shadows on the lunar surface," added a cogniscent who looked something like a bear.

"Race," Shayde re-iterated. "My lot were in a hurry. They could'nae let another batch of humans with a different philosophy win. Braggin' rights're very important tae humans. The nation known as The United States of America held it over everyone's head fer years."

"But they were not the first nation to utilise wormholes for colonisation."

"Oh aye. As far as I've read, China got in first by buildin' 'emselves a maglev. But that was before one o' their lot went and invented the gravity generator. And way after my time on Earth. Come on. One o' you lot ask me sommat I'd know about from bein' there."

She called it Rude Question Wednesday, and held it every Threesday[1]. And, astonishingly, it cut down on an immense ammount of paperwork.

[1] The Galactic Standard Calendar is not all that great with names.

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