Challenge #00998-B267: What a Nice Zoo. May I Live Here?

Particularly the final written quote from the android, just before the embedded video. -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the human and allied colonies, the Consortium of Steam is possibly the strangest. Well... at least until you visit B'Nar. But that's another story for another time.

On the prime colony world of New Kazoo, as well as the satellite colonies, ownership is consensual. The owned have as many rights as the owners and sometimes... it is rather hard to tell the difference.

There are entire agencies dedicated to ensure that no owner is cruel. Similarly, there are those dedicated to the concept of owner abuse, and the prevention thereof.

Checks and balances instigated by the oldest -er- longest-running cogniscent/citizens of the Consortium of Steam. The only five[1] citizens who remember what it was like to live on Earth and never want to repeat those experiences.

They had been on a colonial tour when their ship broke down, and then subsequently picked up by the UFTP[2] wormhole survey crews. They take turns at being the spokesbot. But that's not the important part.

The important part was the Zoos.

The Cogniscent Rights Committee nearly had a conniption about them when they found out. They insisted on a thorough inspection and found out the bizarre results.

No cogniscent rights were being violated. Not even by the Pounds and Shelters.

Renegotiation was available on demand.

Even the Ambassadors themselves were owned. By their informed consent. They had each tried a decade or century of independence, to see if they liked it.

They didn't.

Each of them much preferred the care and attention of a regular maintenance schedule, and the generous allowances of their owners made sure they had what they wanted. Other than that, they had as much freedom and autonomy as they could handle.

But the Cogniscent Rights Committee still insisted that Rabbit wear at least one Locator Bracelet at all times.

[1] The Jon is eventually restored to his original condition [aka: not running on Crystal Pepsi] and Upgrade eventually comes back as a weredragon. She can't hide her cool pink wings though. Or doesn't want to. It's a little unclear.

[2] United Fellowship of Terran Planets

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