Challenge #00996-B265: Miss Communication

That thing where your words get all tangled up and you can't speak your own language until you stop and spit out the bad sounds, then suddenly you can talk again. -- Anon Guest

[AN: You might appreciate this vid from Red Dwarf. There's also a more polished official version IDK I rather prefer the original...]

Shayde was in the middle of Explaining Physics. Some of the expositions she had were still years ahead of current technology. Right now, she was examining the physics of neural links in an organic brain versus the pseudo-neural links of a Gravity Drive.

How she had talked a Nae'hyn into divulging such secrets was beyond Rael, but it still paid to pay attention.

"Na' if we factor in human observation on th' behaviour o' the electrons, ye get an orgefwibble jankle bargle yaup..." She stopped. Blew a raspberry. And commenced anew, "Organic process o' selection an' elimination. Of course it cannae be replicated in a factory. Ye need actual craftsmanship on these darlin's. Personal care an' attention."

"What. Just. Happened?" wondered Rael.

"Nowt bad. Me head jus' got ahead o' me mouth, ye ken. Go' so excited about this that me tastebuds had tae do laps." She briefly poked her tongue out at him. "Is it still in a knot?"

Ah. The human phenomenon of talking so fast that they couldn't talk at all. Rather an interesting and baffling malfunction, considering that communication was essential to survival.

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