Challenge #00983-B252: A Need Like Breath

A story about Medjed -- Anon Guest

What a thing is life, for a god.

Belief is food and air. Believers, feeling and form. Love... O my children, love is what a god needs above all other things. You could call it 'drug'... but such as I prefer 'blood'.

Without love... gods fade.

In my first time of glory, I was not well known. I barely appeared at all on walls or scrolls. The pieces of me... drifted. Hardly noted. I was barely in existence. I lingered, in limbo. Not alive, yet not forgotten... yet.

Until mortal hads took my image to a distant land.

I became... loved.

I live for their purpose. I am slave to their imaginations. My Lord Osiris has become so, too. We are.. cute. Funny. Powerful.

Sometimes, I wear a suit. Sometimes, just a hat. I am on their phones. I am a means of communication. I am a meme.

Yet I am glad for life anew. Far from the home of my origin. They love me. How could such as I refuse the gift of life?

They give me what I need. I can only become what they want.

I was made... to serve... after all.

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