Challenge #00956-B225: Convoluted Jones

“[Name]? What are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story. I have a tank.”

“I kind of noticed by the way you shelled the bad guys and then drove it through the wall, Jones. One, how the flakk did you get your hands on a pre-Shattering Terran tank, and two: how the flakk did you find live ammo for it?”

“That’s… another long story. Better told inside. It’s noisy, but there’s headsets. And you can take over from the AI, I had to code it in a hurry.”

“Because…?” Prompted Valance.

“That’s… um…”

Valance joined in with the chorus, “A long story. Right.” She raised her voice to Dressing Down Noobs level and hollered, “ALL RIGHT YOU LOT WE HAVE OURSELVES A SURPRISE RESCUE! PILE IN, PILE IN, PILE IN!”

Jones squeezed herself out of the way so Valance’s troops could hustle in as fast as possible. Valance paused long enough to high-five Jones on her way in. “I thought you were assigned to Provencia?”

“I was. Um. But -er…”

“Long story. Right. Let’s show these bastards what we’ve got.”

“I think they might be able to guess, sir.”

It was the kind of battle that goes down in both the history and the law books. And it was also the kind of battle that got Espers with JOAT training banned by the Qol’qhevva Convention.

Jones, and the people she had a love bond with, were sort of glad for the early retirement.

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