Challenge #00951-B220: Pacifying Maneuvres

We haven’t checked other species yet, but it seems to be almost universal in humans that we can’t help but at least smile, and often begin laughing, when we see a giggly baby.

The Havenworlders retreated behind their safety shields as various human factions began raising their voices.

Shayde, somehow, broke out a gigantic cup of popcorn. She masticated whilst grinning.

Someone, somewhere, pressed a brightly-coloured button.

Starting at the main viewer, every screen in the Ambassadorial Meet became dominated by one image. That of a cooing, smiling human infant. Presently, the child began to chortle.

The effect was instant. Humans all over the Ambassadorial Meet smirked. Chuckled. Giggled.

The tension in the room drained so rapidly that the atmospheric pressure changed. Now the humans - even Shayde - were smiling and laughing and making small squeaking noises.

Calming music and descending flowers replaced the giggling baby. “This has been a group emotion mediation. Please approach your issues calmly.”

Shayde offered Rael some of the popcorn. “And here am I thinkin’ it was goin’ tae be like the UN all over again. Galactics are bloody spoilsports…”

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