Challenge #00940-B209: Arachnophilia

An alien aware of the general human reaction to spiders runs across someone whose first response to an Oshit is “how cute!”

“Being cautious, please, Engineer Murray,” K’teth warned as she unlocked her vessel. “Security measures on vessel mine being non-standard.“

The brown-skinned human grinned. “No worries. You can call me Baz. Everyone does. Now… I know you were knocking around Pirate Turf for a year or so?”

“Yes. Learning fast, am I, there are few tech solutions to hackers.”

“Right, so you have natural deterrents. Dogs?” She opened the inner door for herself and got a face full of pseudospider.

K’teth cringed. “Please not be hurting pet mine?”

To K’teth’s eternal surprise, the human giggled and gently encouraged Fluffy the Oshit onto her hands.

“Aaaawww… she’s burly girlie… hul-lo… ha-lo-oo?”

This was Human Pet Voice. Trying to be nice to an animal that didn’t understand words, but tone of voice.

“You… like… Oshits?”

“I love all arachnids and pseudo-arachnids. Oozadidduwfuzzyden? Oozadidduwfuzzy? Aaawww…”

K’teth was about ready to chalk this up as another example of Human Insanity. “You are not fearing poison biting?”

“No worries,” scoffed Baz. She guided the Oshit back into her holding tank. “These little buggers can’t pierce human skin. I’m aces.”

“Other humans not wanting take chance,” said K’teth.

“Their loss.”

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