Challenge #00939-B208: Universal Reactions

Someone finally asks a human why there is such a nigh-universal-among-the-species visceral reaction to an Oshit when seeing one up close for the first time.

Many scientific establishments hired Humans to conduct the more risky aspects of their experiments. Firstly, because the humans were tough enough to withstand the results. Secondly, because they were insane enough to want to repeat the experience.

They also used vermin as experimental animals.

“What ho, loony lizards,” said Cambry. She aimed a lazy salute at the figures behind the space-rated polyglass. “What horrible things are we doing to little critters, today?”

“We are investigating the effects of pressure and air concentrations on invertebrates.”

“Cool. Torturing bugs for science.” She lifted the cover on the critter tank to discover…

…two dozen, minimum, excited and hungry Oshits.

Cambry back-pedalled rapidly, pinwheeling her arms and screaming the traditional curse.

“Why is this the typical human reaction?” asked K’leb’th. “Some of you eat spiders.”

“These ones look like they’d try’n eat us back, mate.” Cambry steadied her breathing. These were only very daft pseudo-spiders. “Besides, I’m a N’Ozzie. Everything is venomous until proven otherwise. And these big buggers? Nobody wants to take the chance.”

It was the closest answer that science ever got.

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