Challenge #00936-B205: An Ace Up Her Sleeve

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Pick a prompt from one of these:

“You fool,” crowed Master Magistar. “You thought that underwater level was a simple defensive measure!” He cackled in his usual, evil manner. “I filled that labyrinth with pure Love Potion! You cannot hope to defeat your one, true love.”

“Watch me,” said Aiana the Mighty unsheathed her rapier point. “Have you nothing else to defend yourself with, wizard?”

He bared a little of his bony chest. “The love you feel for me won’t let you harm me. Go ahead. Do your worst.”

Aiana the mighty aimed and lunged without another thought. Piercing him straight through his black heart.

“But… the love potion…”

“Doesn’t work on one who can not love,” Aiana smiled. “In your next life, do look up the words ‘aromantic’ and ‘asexual’.”

“…impossible…” he croaked. It was his last word.

She cleaned her sword and set about breaking his spells across the land. Some later sang that it was her sword that held magic against him. Or some piece of her armour. Or a charm or a blessing or even a curse.

But the truth is, sometimes, you need the right kind of hero.

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