Challenge #00933-B202: It's Just Physics

“Oh, so attempting to mind control the entire planet is fine, but steam engines, now THEY’RE too much…”

“Steam powered machines just wouldn’t work in space,” argued Ken. “It’s just physics. You wouldn’t need a fire, the water would just boil from lack of pressure. And don’t get me started on how the cabin pressure works.”

Kyle sighed. “It’s not supposed to be taken seriously.”

“Yes, but science that bad manages to filter into the heads of the ignorant.”


“You watch,” said Ken. “Three weeks, tops, some asshole on youtube will be using this movie as an example of advanced alien technology.”

“It’s. A. Parody. No way in the world would anyone take it seriously.”


Two weeks and five days later, Ken sent Kyle a link to a youtube video.

It was titled, Aliens Among Us, the Conspiracy Continues.

He included a handy time reference to where Super Steam Space Ninjas was heavily referenced.

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