Challenge #00927-B196: Just My Type

The opposite to the last one - a being that is unattractive to their own race that a human finds beautiful.

Rae usually disliked going into the lower-gravity realms of the
station. She had a pathological dislike of insects that included
antisocial actions like screaming and flailing if one of them touched

Only the Huf’nuf’ruf remained unoffended.

Her intent
was to go down, do her job, and then retreat into one of the luxury spas
to soak the imagined pricklyness of a million little claws off her skin. That had been a very good plan.

That is… until she met Xzzxzzxzz.

She was beautiful A mixture of iridescence and gossamer. All poetry in motion with a side of grace and poise.

This one, said Rae’s hind-brain, can touch me intimately for the rest of time.

“Can you being help?” said Xzzxzzxzz through her autotranslator.

think you’re gorgeous and I want to share time with you,” said Rae, almost hypnotised by her. “And this is a big deal for me because I’m
usually entomophobic.”

Xzzxzzxzz looked around. “Many apologising. Friend circle is to hire you for joke?”

“What? No! I’m here to fix some plumbing. Promise. I am not in the entertainment or offending industry[1].”

“You is tell I am…” the translator hiccoughed. And burped out, in a default voice, “AESTHETICALLY PLEASING.”

“Yes. I mean. I did say that. I wasn’t paid to. This is no joke. You’re glorious.”

ran her mandibles over her forelimb in nervousness. “Is lie,” she said. “My folk is call me… ugly. Carapace wrong colour. Too shiny in wrong spectrum.”

“Well I think you’re exactly the right kind of shiny,”
Rae smiled. “May I give you my contact details? You can ask me out any

[1] There is an overlap between the two.

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