Challenge #00916-B185: Hoarders Unimaginable

I couldn’t resist.

A Dragon (note capital) being told her hoard is worthless.

“Avaunt, foul beast!”

The Dragon Shashannash groaned as she opened an eye. “I was trying to sleep,” she yawned. “I don’t have any princesses… What do you want?”

The knight seemed a little nonplussed. “I have come to fight for the vast wealth you are draining from my lands… er… foul beast.”

“Enough with the ‘foul beast’ I keep very clean, thank you.” She had to stretch. And yawn again. “And since you’re after my hoard, you can have all you can carry. I don’t really care to fight.”


“Really.” She vacated her bed. “And try to hurry up. I want to get back to sleep as soon as I can.”

The knight began digging out what he thought were the biggest gemstones. At least until he dropped on and it shattered.

“This is… glass?”

“Beach glass. I like it. It’s very pretty.”

“I quested all this way for beach glass? This is worthless dross! Dragons are supposed to nest on mountains of gold!”

“Yes. And look what happened to the Dragons who did. I consider myself much smarter.”

“Yes? How does that work?”

“I trade with the Dwarfs further down my cave. One hour’s Dragon-fire buys a lot of legitimate cattle. They make excellent Dragon-steel, by the by.” Shashannash yawned and crawled back onto her hoard. “Have fun. Try not to kill too many Dwarfs, I’m rather fond of them.”

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