Challenge #00909-B178: Howling Mad

Pick a different one!

[AN: Today’s pick is: “i’m a newly-turned werewolf without a pack and i can’t really control myself well on full moon nights yet and you keep finding me passed out naked on your lawn” AU]

The first month, she called an ambulance for me. I was grateful for it. I had no idea what was happening, either. I still didn’t know what was going on in the second month, when she also called the police.

I found out in the third month, because of the mandatory psych evaluation. And so did my doctors. And so did she. I remember watching a recording of the transformation with tears in my eyes and terror in my heart.

I never wanted to be a monster.

You’d think that the moonlight is what does it. That’s wrong. It’s the sunlight that cures it. For five nights out of twenty-eight… I transform. And I wind up in Belladonna yard, the next morning.

Yeah. Belladonna. She had Metal Goth parents, go figure.

There was a time when I tried living a few counties away? But I just woke up in her yard with more wounds. Bloody hands and feet. Among many, many others.

I think it was the time with the broken leg that tipped the scales. I wanted to move further away. She told me to rent the attic.

She tells me that I’m not a monster. And I’m starting to believe her, at last.

It’s been a year. And in all that time, all I do is go to her. I howl at the moon out of some instinctive obligation and then the rest of the night is spent in her shadow.

She makes sure I have a dressing-gown and a pair of underpants in easy reach for the next morning and it’s… stable, I guess.

And I know I’m not allowed on the bed when I wolf out, because I keep waking up on the rug by her bed.

I think Belladonna likes me more when I’m a wolf. When I’m human… especially the morning after… she’s way more guarded around me. Paranoid. And I don’t blame her. She’s been through enough.

I want to control it. Not so that I become human all the time. I’d much rather be her dog. I don’t know why? But I think she’s happier when I have fur and fangs.

And I would do anything to help her be happy.

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