Challenge #00904-B173: Cat Day

Steven Universe - Lion’s adventure

Lion finished his patrol of the city and curled up near the house of the Scion. Soon, very soon, it would be warm in just this spot. Warm was always good. The Scion would need Lion today. Lion couldn’t tell exactly when, but he knew. He was going to be Needed.

And in the meantime, there was sleep.

“Is it safe to just… lie on him like that?”

Lion peeked. The human friend of Scion Steven was here again. Lion didn’t mind her. She was lighter than some of his previous burdens.

“Why not? said Steven. “This is the best spot for… lion around and reading.”

Lion tipped him off for that one. Trouble. Trouble was on the breeze. This way? That way?

“What is it? A gem attack? A monster? A monster fusion?”

The human friend dove under the decking for her sword. Good. Humans were starting to approach life with a little more sense.

There it was. One of the hidden places. Lion bowed to allow the children on his back. Then leaped. Far enough in the right direction and… roar-warp to the nearest soft place to the Trouble.

Kindergarten. Lion hated this place as much as some of the Gems. It was dead earth. Ruined for any kind of life.

Except… that kind of life.

“Oh no!”

They were screaming.

“Euw,” winced the human. “What are they?”

“I call ‘em Mooshups,” said Steven. “They’re… y’know Frankenstein?“

They were screaming and only he could hear them.


“Dead gems are shattered crystals. These are… mooshed together like the monster.”

They didn’t want to be like this any more than he wanted to face them.

Whispered, “O my God…”

“We gotta poof them before Garnet finds out.”

Lion tried his roar. The smaller Mooshups poofed instantly, but the bigger ones. Especially the biggest one… didn’t seem phased.

Fortunately, there are always claws and swords.

Lion didn’t question why they didn’t fight. Why they seemed to surrender to claw and blade. That wasn’t important. Not in comparison to protecting the Scion.

Steven bubbled all the force-fused shards. Paused on the brink of sending them to the table.

“Wait! Won’t the others see these?”

“Oh. I… I can’t let Garnet see these. She was so upset by the last batch…”

Once again, Steven stored something in Lion’s other realm. He would keep these relics safe.

He was, after all, created to serve. Either the will of his former mistress, or that of his new master.

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