Challenge #00898-B167: Rule of Cute

Observation: The more fragile a species is, the less danger it is in (physically) from the humans. The ones that can withstand them are treated aggressively and with much suspicion, and the dainty little ones are coddled and cooed over. And petted if the humans can get away with it.

[AN: Just FYI, not all Havenworlders are tiny. But loads of them are]

It should have been an ordinary shortcut. Just a quick dash home to pick up her LifeAlert bracelet. She needed it to avoid danger and because of her idiot roommate, she’d forgotten it in their rush to catch the next tram.

Didn’t have the time to do things properly. Now I have to do them twice.

Alas, the quiet lounge that was always empty had humans in it.


None of her people were cleared to encounter humans yet. The most dangerous of all known Deathworlders. The ones with the most potential to create great havok or great miracles.

Tyr’ip shrank down, hunkering close to the ground and trying to be stealthy. No sudden moves. No sound. She was almost halfway there.

“Aaaaaawww…” cooed a human.

O Powers. They were all watching her!

“It’s oh-kay,” cooed a second one. A big, muscular sort with mutliple scars. “We won’t hurt you.”

“Are you lost, sweetie?” singsonged a third.

Several of them were putting on Phin gloves[1] and some were looking up their Curtedex[2] for matches.

Tyr’ip found herself trying to burrow backwards into a wall. They were planning to handle her! She breathlessly attempted GalStand. “Self being class two Havenworld… Please no be squeeze.”


“Dat’s so cyoooot…”

“She smol.”

“Aw adorbs diddle cinnabon…”

What was happening? Several of the humans were getting on their knees. Trying to reach her reduced eye-height.

“It’s gonna be okay,” cooed the leader. The female with the scars and the muscles. “I’m Tambry. We want to make sure you get safe, okay?”

It took her a moment to work it out. “Self has initiating… nurturing?”

Coos and squeaks from the humans.

“Take that as a ‘yes’,” whispered Tambry.

Ko’rii, her idiot roommate, almost soiled herself when Tyr’ip returned with not only her LifeAlert, but a volunteer honour guard of six burly mercenary humans.

“Lesson,” said Tyr’ip, who was starting to grow used to them. “Do not allow forgetfulness. You never know what else might turn up in retrieval.”

[1] Humans rarely give up a chance to let an acronym go unmolested. Thus Ph-N, standing for Ph-Neutral, became Phin. Such gloves are a vital courtesy when handling some Havenworlders.
[2] Rather like a wiki for species. Contains important information such as what class of world they come from, how to be polite, and emergency medical treatment.

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