Challenge #00869-B138: One Mildly Hazardous Evening in the Commercial Concourse

After many stumbles and a lot of explaining and apologising, how does the first date between little havenworlder and big scary deathworlder go?

It had taken some significant time in negotiations and a lot of
education on both sides. Ground rules established. Diets planned, they
now sat awkwardly across from each other at Unsuitable Food Eat.

Bear cleared his throat three times before he said, “I understand you’re insectivorous? Do you mind sharing a Hakuna Platter?”

is…“ Ryll scrolled down the menu screens. “Ah. The abundance of carbohydrates and flesh with a few lost vegetables lost in the middle?”

make sure we get it without pineapple. Or chili. Or. Um. Anything aggressive.“ Bear consulted his personal reader. “Yikes. Your lot aren’t
cleared for much, are they?”

Ryll nervously groomed her head-spikes. “We are still working our way up to class-four
Deathworlders like yourself. Your… flavour… would kill us.”

“I’m already feeling guilty about that.” Bear reddened. “Um. I usually like to eat the aggressive stuff.”

“I didn’t know you could change colour.” Ryll relaxed out of her huddle. “Is it a display of interest?”

it can be. In this case, I’m just embarrassed,“ Bear scratched his chin fur. “Loads of the stuff I enjoy? I can’t share.”

“Yes. I looked up your Deathworlder entertainments under supervision.” A smile. “I only fainted twice.”

“Cheev,” Bear grinned.


“Uhm. That was an achievement. Yes?”

It was a very awkward evening.

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