Challenge #00866-B135: When You Have a Hammer...

Person #1: Great! You just gave an engineer a problem that can’t be solved with duct tape. Now we’re going to be stuck here all day.
Person #2: There are problems that can’t be solved with duct tape?

“Maybe if I recalibrate the spline actuator frigit…”

“What’s the first rule?” demanded Captain Dalia.

Branley sighed and toed at the metal plate floor. “Never give a stop-over mechanic a problem that can’t be solved with ductape,” she

“And why do we avoid doing that?”

Another sigh.
Another drone, “Because they get excited and try to fix every problem
there is on the ship whether we want it fixed or not.”

“Exactly,” cooed Captain Dalia. “And to make sure you learn this, you’re helping him.”

Branley groaned in anticipatory agony.

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