Challenge #00861-B130: The Inadvisability of Truth

The greatest truth in the universe is that the truth exists. The hard part is admitting we have no idea what it is or even where to begin finding it. I am sure we will eventually invest something that will let us invent something so we can discover something that will let us invent something that will give us a clue as to what we might need to invent to figure out what direction we should start looking for advancements in order to find a hint of where the truth is.

This was it. The machine was complete. Sally stood back in awe at
her creation. This machine would be the one to tear away all the lies.

Anyone inside, once the machine was on, would know the truth.

And there was only one way to test it.

She stepped inside…

Turned it on…


found her, later. Much later. Blood had finally stopped pouring from her nose, though she would never stop soiling herself for the rest of
her life.

She would never talk again. Sally met the world with either hysterical giggling or baby-like sobs.

She had forgotten the very important thing about the truth.

It’s only as good as one’s ability to face it.

The machine worked. They had no doubt. It tore away all of the lies.

Even the ones we tell ourselves so that we can get through the day.

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