Challenge #00859-B128: Abominations of Nurture

I need to show [Person] how to repair things properly. Their first instinct is still to reach for a roll of [duct tape]. I just hope I’m not too late. Power corrupts, but the power of duct tape corrupts absolutely.

“Trigellis is a Spark. And Sparks should never be raised in the Holy order of JOATs. Things go… very wrong.”

example,” Pletherly drew the curtains to reveal a contained lab. Where a Spark, presumably Trigellis, was busy piloting a machine apparently made of duct tape and paperclips… and nothing else.

“Yes. I’m
going to try and show him the advantages of gears and pistons… but he
may be too far gone.” Aukney produced the one key to the lab. “Do
prepare the -ah- advanced C-gas?”

“Of course,” Pleatherly bowed.

Therapy time had begun.

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