Challenge #00571 - A196: The Big Reveal

He called them all together into the big meeting room. They gathered into their appointed seats and in a general air of confusion.

“For years, I’ve made myself scarce on April first. And for those same years, all of you have managed to make me your butt-monkey for pranks. Every joke in the book and some of the new ones… you played them all on me.”

Now most of them had their ‘oh no’ faces on.

“And for those years, I’ve been wondering how to pay all of you back.” Scott Summers took his famous ruby-quartz glasses off and, eyes closed, used his shirt to clean them. “And than I thought 'fuck it, you little bastards deserve this’.” And opened his eyes to the gathered table.

There were only two people who didn’t duck and cover with terrified shrieking. The Professor, who knew everything, and Sara Louise Adrien, who had helped make the contacts.

She was the first one to say, “Really, Mr Summers?”

“Come on. You know what April First is like for me.”

“It’s about to get worse, Slim,” growled Logan. “You made me spill my beer.”

“…ah crap…”

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