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Challenge #00559 - A184: Proclivities

Dragons and princes!

Prince Derek had fallen in love the instant he’d seen those bronze-coloured wings coming towards him. He had even let go of the reins and removed his feet from the stirrups.

Allethar didn’t fall in love until until Prince Derek began raining down praises with a tongue that was only metaphorically silver. There was something about *this* human that made him more than an exercise in extracting ransom and then a quick meal.

Thereafter, both their days were brighter. Allethar’s lair became their paradise. Derek worked with gold, silver and colonies of glow-worms to turn a dingy cave into a palace with stalactites.

Allethar made certain that he not only raided sheep and cattle, but vegetables for Derek’s health.

It was almost a shame when Derek’s family paid the ransom.

Then Derek said it. “You can kidnap me again, any time.”

It was like a light illuminating a dark place to discover a treasure trove.

And it only took their respective families five years to notice.

“It’s the same dragon, Derek! Why do you keep getting kidnapped by the same dragon?”


"The humans you abduct seem to be… lacking something Princesses normally have…?”

To which the inevitable answer from both of them was, “Uh….”

It’s difficult to come out as homosexual. It’s worse to come out as cross-species homosexual.

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