Challenge #00528 - A153: Knowing Where People Don't Look

One of your old stories - “(Nightcrawler) can get away with not using the image inducer if he just puts on a hoodie and keeps his hands in his pockets. I mean, he doesn’t even hide the tail! And his shoes have to be made special.”

Plus a paraphrased quote:

Most people don’t notice things they don’t expect to see. Children though, they’ll recognise you instantly.

It’s a good thing kids are also the least likely to screech “OMG it’s ____” and pull out a camera.

“I can’t believe it. I can not believe it,” Kitty ranted. “You just like, walked all the way through Bayville Mall and nobody… HOW?”

Safe in the darkness of the back seat, Kurt pulled his hood down. “It’s a very stupid trick, ja?”

“Well whatever it is, I totally want in.”

“You, Katzchen? You look–” Kurt fumbled with the right English. “–better zan fine.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

He grinned, sharp teeth shining almost a rival with his eyes. “I’ve had a lifetime of experience with being a mutant. I learned ways… and other ways… of hiding in plain sight.”

“Elf… Spill it.”

Kurt sighed. “People don’t look. Not all the time. They watch feet, to avoid stepping on others. They watch faces, but not always. They watch hands, which is where I have trouble… But they don’t watch -er- the lower body. From waist to knee.” His three-fingered hand gestured over the relevant area. “If I pull my tail up around my waist, under the coat? Nobody sees. Nobody looks. Ja, I have a bit of difficulty walking, but… that works in my favour, too.”

“Like, how?”

“When’s the last time you looked at a disabled person, Katzchen? Really looked?”

“Uuuhhhh…” Oh. OH.

Kurt grinned wider, now. “There’s only one thing that can break the spell.”


“Little kids. They have no fear and no filters. How long do you think social blindness lasts with a little kid hollering about the man with the blue fur?”

“So that’s why you used me as like, a stalking horse?”

“Ja. Sorry.”

“I’m pretty much not mad any more,” Kitty allowed. “Yikes.”

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