Challenge #00115: Letter v Spirit

A story in which this:

“It’s time to do the right thing!”
“By which you mean commit a major felony.”
“Think of it as a series of 208 rapidly successive misdemeanors!”


“This is not right,” said Sara.

“It is legal, sweetheart,” said Daddy. They both knew it, but he had to remind her. Her near-reality orbit frequently ignored things like that which was legal.

“That which is legal is not always right. That which is right is not always legal.” Sara looked over the papers in her folder again. “It’s time to do the right thing!”

Daddy sighed and rolled his eyes. “By which you mean, commit a major felony.”

Sara managed a manic rictus. “Think of it as a series of 208 rapidly successive misdemeanors…”

“..which, I have no doubt, you have already planned before the case started in court?”

“I never start any plan without a plan B, Daddy.”

“…oh dear. At least let me have plausible deniability?”

“Already part of the works.” Sara closed the folder with a menacing smirk. “And I promise I won’t break any of the big laws.”


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