Challenge #00053: Cry Me a River

The cacophony of circumstances that allows Storm to discover Scott Summers indeed crying over spilled milk.

Ororo woke when she heard the smash. Air currents in the mansion had not changed, so no-one had broken in. Yet someone was roaming about, all the same. She summoned a ball of lightning as an improvised lantern and set it safely above her head so she could see what was going on.

Professor, sound asleep. Logan was out on one of his roaming quests, so she didn’t need to worry about him. Jean, deep in slumber. Scott–

Was not in his bed.

He’d left it neat, and taken his cane, Therefore, he hadn’t left under duress.

Soft noises echoed up from the kitchen.

Ororo went down to discover the voluntarily-blind boy in the middle of a mess. He had evidently tried to make hot chocolate and, being unfamilliar with the kitchen, smashed some things and spilled the milk.

And, given that Mr Winters was a world class ass, he was now breaking down over it.

Ororo dismissed the lightning ball and turned on the electric lights. He had cut himself, but he was literally crying over… oh dear.

She fetched the paper towels. “There, now. It’s all right. It’s only milk. We can get more, tomorrow. After we fix up the kitchen so you know where everything is.”

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