Caveat Emptor

I was derping around the internets today, looking for famous people to fling my book at… and whilst searching for Oprah’s contact details [she doesn’t want to be sent books BTW] I saw an add for Balboa Publishing house.

I figured - what the hell - why not scope them out.

Their webpage was just a form. Should have been my first warning.

I filled in the deets for a free book about publishing and promotion. They called me this afternoon.

After a little bit of sales spiel I noticed that they kept talking about “publishing packages”. I asked about it and they let slip that they’re a SELF-publishing company and I would have to pay them for a print run.


Never ever ever ever think you have to pay to get your book out there, dear readers. The money should ALWAYS flow towards the author.

Make sure you’re getting paid, dear writers. You need to get paid.

So I politely told them to fuck off and hope to never get suckered like that again.

GDI it’s easy to think some folks are legit.