Can I skip today?

Monday wore me out. Tuesday, likewise. I am not built for extended travel. If I'm going long distances for extended periods of time, I need like 12 to 24 hours to recuperate after the travel, please.

Today, after two days of hither and yon, after going through the emotional wringer, after coming home after all that and still wringing a piece of coherent story out of my addled brain... I want nothing more than to retreat into a pillow-fort of solitude and do absolutely nothing productive, today.

But that's not on the menu. I have to hunt down beta-readers so I can get Beauties scanned for any errors I may have missed. I have to read through the most recent chapters of Rael so I don't have to do it in one lump and get "Victoria" stuck in my head like what happened with Beauties.

I have to write 500 more words into Rael. I have to do today's Instant.

I haven't been arting, lately. And I may not art, today. It's been that kind of week.

I need to clean up the kitchen because it's gone to fucking seed. I want to get the accumulated cardboard out of the living room because Beloved has been moving in all this cool new shit and there's fucking cardboard everywhere. But Beloved says they'll move it when they're satisfied that all is well.

I want to clean all my old vinyl off so I can play it on the brand-new turntable without wrecking anything. Beloved got me the best stuff, and I've learned more about proper vinyl care than I ever knew when vinyl was the only thing.

For instance: The most common record needle is sapphire, and comes in a distinctive red cartridge so you can tell. Sapphire needles wear out quicker and propagate dust all over your vinyl. If they sell you a record player with a red cartridge, the whole thing is cheap and substandard. Likewise, if you can't see the counterweight, it can't be calibrated with a light touch so your albums don't get wrecked.

I'm not asking how many naughts were involved with this new setup. I'm guessing too many for my blood. But then, I can make $400 last a fortnight and get organic produce for our daily noms.

It's hard for me to stay focussed, today. If I make it through even half of the things I gotta and wanna do, I'll count it as a win.