Call me Cheaty McCheaterson

I have nine episodes of Oh My Mods ready to rock and roll. Hooray.

I have two weeks coming up in which I will be busy off my arse with everything and a bucket of eggs.

We have ducted air con! YAYA! ...and getting used to that has given me a case of da sniffoos.

I'm currently uploading my episodes to the YouTube and I have them all on schedule. The first one will be appearing on the Thursday following Christmas. Watch my twitter @InterNutter for the posting.

I did finally get my thousand words done. Despite the crushing heat. Despite the air con not being done until mid-afternoon. Despite interruptions galore. And despite the focus capabilities of a kitten in a discotheque.

I also got my fudge colours in the nick of time [calling this as a Yuletide Miracle] and I'll have to install them today because literally no other time window.

Seriously. Tomorrow, we're trucking out to scenic Coominya to have a pre-Yule present trade with Capt. S. Monday is Yule Eve and I'm fetching MeMum from Outer Boronia. And then it's Yule and I should plausibly look nice for the Yule Photography.

This all means that I shall be spending a portion of my day with cling film on my head. Hooray.